BeYogurt is fermented with fresh milk and Danish flora. Without added sugar, gel or other coagulant, it’s relying on natural precipitation and solidification, and results in 100% nutrition retention and original natural milk flavor.


The European Union's refined pasture management strictly monitors the health status of cows to ensure that they have sufficient space for activities and a comfortable living environment. Imported high-quality forage, together with soybean, corn, and other nutritious crops to provide a scientific diet for cows. The factory is wholly owned by the farms, with no external milk collection.


In collaboration with the EU quality control team, BeFood has established strict operational standards and implementation criteria for cow feeding, raw milk monitoring, process design, product canning, finished product monitoring and cold chain transportation. Our corporate standards are stricter than national standards in all 30 quality control categories.


We have a high-level international R&D team. By capturing the market demand and using advanced technology and self-developed process at home and abroad, we have realized the industrial production of special dairy products represented by MILBOK. We have filled the gap in the world dairy industry and will continue to lead the innovation and iteration of dairy technology.


Fully automatic closed production line, from milk harvesting to canning without any manual intervention. Three levels of clean space ensure a safe production environment. The supply chain model of "city warehouse plus community micro-warehouses" ensures the whole chain of product temperature monitoring, reducing the turnaround and delivering the freshest products to customers.


The quality of the milk source is determined by the feeding condition of the cows; the ratio of milk protein, milk fat and lactose determine the taste of the milk. By taking advantage of our technical strengths, we insist on producing "Original and Natural Flavor" products from these two dimensions. Clean label and high-quality taste are what we have been pursuing in our products.

Nutrition Information

As packed Per 100ml NRV%
Energy 279kj 3%
Protein 4.2g 7%
Fat 4.0g 7%
Carbohydrates 3.8g 1%
Sodium 60mg 3%