Why cows matter?
At BeFood, our priority is to make our cows happy. We understand that only then can our products taste great and reach its healthiest potential. That’s why our farms are free range, so our cows have enough space and milking happens only at their own will. At the same time, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as we can, so we follow the 3Rs.


· Our farms are located nearby, eliminating the need for air transportation

· Majority of our delivery system is run on electric power


· We use the manure from our farms as a biofuel to produce energy before the methane contained in it releases itself into the atmosphere. Any solid and liquid waste from this process is then used as a crop fertilizer by local farmer


· We use fully recyclable materials

· We collect milk bottles from our partners for recycling

To increase our efforts, BeFood partnered up with a British charity Save the Rhino.
Why rhinos matter?
BeFood is a Czech-Chinese joint venture so our founders knew that the last four northern white rhinos were living in the zoo in Dvur Kralove, Czech Republic, while considered extinct in nature as a result of large scale poaching in the past. Like many other Czech people, they closely followed the fate of those rhinos.
However, scientists thought of this scenario in advance and have already had a backup plan. They are currently trying to artificially inseminate the eggs taken from the last two female northern white rhinos with the semen preserved from the males of the same species and put this embryo into a female southern white rhino, which is a related species. This type of artificial insemination of rhinos hasn’t been done before but is the only way how to preserve the northern white rhinos for our future generations!
BeFood, alarmed by this news, decided to get involved and partnered up with Save the Rhino, the biggest single-species charity in Europe focused on the conservation efforts of all five types of rhinos. Save the Rhino is involved in many projects that include monitoring, anti-poaching efforts, educating local communities in Africa, or information campaigns in countries that have a large demand for rhino horns. As of 2019, three out of the five rhino species are critically endangered, which means they could go extinct in our lifetime. We hope that through our monthly donations to Save the Rhino foundation, we will be able to make the lives of rhinos on Earth easier and safer and prevent a situation similar to that of northern white rhinos from happening again.